Design & Development


CAD Drawings or Reverse Engineering

Our bilingual engineering team will transform ideas into realities or improve existing designs.


Material and Production Guidance

Expert knowledge of materials, design and the manufacturing process allows us to successfully execute your projects.


Cost-Saving Design Ideas

Years of experience and specialized industry knowledge enables our team to propose cost-saving measures.


3D print models can help customers verify a design prior to investing in the production process.


First article samples will be provided for approval prior to production to make sure expectations and specifications are met.

Sourcing & Manufacturing

Quality Control

Prior to products being shipped, our fully staffed team in Huzhou performs quality control checks to prevent costs associated with the delivery of non-conforming goods.

Vast Vendor Network

Apex has relationships with a variety of vendors specializing in multiple manufacturing fields.


Our team in China can handle a wide range of production processes from in-house sewing to assembly of highly technical medical devices.

Fulfillment & Warehousing

Shipping Logistics

From forecasting assistance to orchestrating all shipping logistics, Apex’s team makes global sourcing easy and efficient.


With a 20,000 sq. ft. warehouse, an advanced warehouse management system, and a full-time staff, we can meet your inventory needs.